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UAE Athletics Federation

On behalf of the UAE Athletics Federation, welcome to the 6th Annual Dubai Holding Women’s Run.

Through your incredible support of this wonderful Run for Women we have grown tremendously and you have helped make the Dubai Holding Women’s Run the Annual Event that it is today. 

The UAE Athletics Federation is proud to organize this world-class event that not only is a platform to highlight some of the UAE’s best distance running talent, but for many women it serves as the entry point to becoming healthy and active individuals. 2016 will be another exciting year for the Dubai Holding Women’s Run. 

The Run will host both 5K and 10K Women showcasing some of the nation’s most talented and well-known distance runners.


For sponsorship opportunities call +971 50 384 3780 or email


LEN European Aquatics

Project: Commercial Partnerships for Worldwide Swimming Championships.


Associate your brand with one the most popular sports in Europe by being seen as a key supporter of the aquatic world.


The Experience offers you the most relevant sponsorship packages to meet your objectives in this exciting sector.


For sponsorship opportunities call +971 50 384 3780 or email


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