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The Experience Middle East is a boutique boutique consultancy which provides: event, venue management and destination marketing strategies including the implementation thereof to venue owners, tourism authorities, associations, convention bureaus, hospitality operators and event organisers. 


In support of this, we have a professional team of experts, event, project and sponsorship specialists who deliver high quality activations, events, targeted sales missions and commercial solutions for our clients and partners.  


From an in-house perspective, we will help you to restructure your organisation and deliver your strategy by working closely with you to train and/or place suitable key candidates then, mentor them to success. 


Through our partner network, we are currently operating in:

London - United Kingdom, New York - United States, Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai - United Arab Emirates,  Wakayama Prefecture and Osaka - Japan, Mumbai - India,  Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, Johannesburg & Cape Town - South Africa and Sydney - Australia.

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